My name is Al Flinck. I live at the MT Hook Ranch near Helena, MT. I retired from teaching in 2004, moved to Montana to fish and ended up woodworking. Learning the craft of woodworking is my passion. Working with my hands and building anything is a necessary part of my existence. Academically I was trained as a scientist and find that background helpful in my woodworking. I hope that making this blog will assist in my growth as a woodworker.

3 Responses to About

  1. Marilyn says:

    Ewwww!! So jealous! Retired AND in Montana. Looking forward to many posts. :o)

  2. Marty Kauth says:

    Al, looks like you are working with Doug Fir. Marty Kauth a former student of yours 1977 I think..

  3. Al Flinck says:

    Hi Marty, yes and Ponderosa Pine and Aspen are local species that are readily available. We get some Green Ash from local street trees. I use other woods too if there is some special need. Thanks for getting in touch. Are you woodworking?

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