Wood Working in America (WIA) Conference 2012

WIA Convention CenterThis was my first visit to a WIA conference. I attended the Cincinnati conference Nov. 2-4, 2012. I heartily recommend this conference to any woodworker especially a new one like me. They offer more classes than you could possibly attend (good selection of topics). There is a market place where you can meet the tool makers and test their wares. Fabulous. I met and connected with several like-minded woodworkers, really wonderful people. I will be back there next year.

My favorite booths are shown below.

There is Scott showing his wares.

Bad Axe Tool Works Booth

That’s Mark at the bench building a saw.

About Al Flinck

Retired science teacher. Beginning woodworker. It is my passion to make things and solve problems.
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One Response to Wood Working in America (WIA) Conference 2012

  1. Scott Meek says:

    Hi Al! Didn’t realize that you have a blog. Found that you mentioned me while checking out Google searches for my business. Thanks for the mention! How is that White Oak Journeyman Smoother treating you?

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